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About Tae

My name is Tae Byon and I’m a long-time tennis professional and aficionado. I’ve played professionally, was a highly ranked player in the East in both Junior and Men’s divisions, trained with world-class players, played number one singles at University, and have been coaching tennis for over ten years. I currently teach tennis in Irvine, California.

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About Lock and Roll Tennis

Lock and Roll Tennis is a website dedicated to helping tennis players improve their skills and play like professionals – beginners and advanced players alike. We believe in the Lock and Roll movement, or using the natural rotation of one’s body to deliver strong, powerful hits effortlessly.

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There are two versions of the Lock and Roll Tennis website: Free and Premium. The Free version offers detailed tutorials on major strokes, instruction videos, and other tennis tips. The Premium version hosts 170+ additional videos, step-by-step tutorials on additional tennis shots, customized stroke progressions for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced, analysis of top pro players, and much more.

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  1. Hello;

    I wanted to ask if your premium content has instructions/vidoes/articles on various singles and doubles strategy as well. I have the basics right as a USTA player, where I fall down is fitness level and the shot selections. I will be more than glad to pay for the premium content if it can address the shot selection/strategy part. Please let me know.



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