Backhand Scissor Kick

The Backhand Scissor Kick is usually hit with two hands and executed above the shoulders. When a player hits properly, he or she can generate a lot of power even way above the shoulders.

High backhands are considered one of the most difficult shots in tennis.  So why not use some flare to execute it? Although you don’t often see many players hit this shot, you can see professional players such as former #1 Marcelo Rios, Gail Monfils and Andy Murray using this technique.

Backhand Scissor Kick Guide:

(Click image for larger view)

  1. Shoulder turn with racquet preparation.
  2. Weight moving forward.
  3. Stepping forward ready to push off.
  4. Back leg is starting to lift off the ground.
  5. Shoulder fully turned, bending the back leg.
  6. Racquet is below the ball to add some topspin.
  7. Totally off the ground; Hitting through the ball: Arms are extended, as well as the legs.
  8. Arms swing across the body and the back leg bends behind the body.
  9. Finish the swing and land on the front foot.



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