Federer’s Forehand

December 2011 Newsletter

What a great year-end finish for Roger Federer! NO ONE messes with Federer on Indoor Hardcourts! He has won the ATP World Tour tournament 6 times. How does he play so much tennis without getting as injured as other top players? Natural Game! He has the most effortless game on tour…perhaps ever, in tennis history!

When I think of the drum movement (Lock and Roll Tennis), Federer’s forehand portrays the best example. He has the most effortless Forehand Swing I have ever seen. His face is so steady and calm while hitting the forehand, he can be sipping a cup of tea while he hitting the shot. I have not seen any other player who hits as much out in front and as relaxed as Federer.

The Eastern Forehand Grip is the primary reason he can hit out in front so much. The further you change the grip towards Western, the closer to the body you would need to hit. Try hitting a Western Grip Forehand way out in front and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I have never thought that I would do this, but I’m experimenting with the Eastern Grip. I grew up playing with the Semi-Western Grip and in the past few years, I switched over to the “Modified Eastern” Grip.

Because I spend so much time on the court, I am always trying different ways of hitting that can minimize the stress on my body. In the last few weeks, working on a Federer Forehand Video for the Premium Site has inspired me to try Federer’s Forehand grip and swing. Using the Eastern Grip makes it easier for me to hit through the ball, getting more power with less effort. I also realized that without making contact way out in front with this grip, it doesn’t feel right.

With the Eastern Grip, the contact feels solid and it is easier to control the ball as opposed to using the Modified Eastern Grip. The shots definitely land closer to the baseline without much effort. It is a little more difficult to whip around and generate topspin, but if you snap your wrist correctly the way Federer does, you can still get plenty of it!

Overall, if you are using a Semi-Western Grip and want more of a drive, try the Eastern Grip, making sure you compensate your swing for opening up the racquet face. =)

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