Tennis Lob: One of the Most Underrated Shots

February 2012 Newsletter

The tennis Block/Slice or tennis topspin lob can immediately put you in the offensive position and have your opponent frantically running after the ball! Most of you have probably played a player that lobs extremely well. How frustrating is that?! You hit this great shot, approach the net and then… the ball goes over your head and you’re running after it trying to hit a backward shot over your head or doing a 180 degree turn so that you can set up for a groundstroke. No one likes to have to do that. So why not improve on your tennis lob so that you can do the same thing to your opponent? It’s Pay Back Time!

Many factors come into play when executing a proper lob. How high and hard do you need to hit the lob? When is the best time to hit a topspin or block lob? What is the technique involved in hitting both the block or topspin lob?

We all know if we do not hit this shot properly, your opponent can hit an overhead for a clean winner! Learn more on the Premium Site!

Go for Good, Not Great

When I was growing up, my Coach David Breitkopf, the greatest influencer in my game, always told me to go for “Good” and Not “Great” shots. What this means is that you should play within your comfort zone. The goal is not to go for the amazing-great, but high-risk shots. The goal is to go for consistent good shots that will break down your opponent both physically and mentally. Newer tennis players especially tend to go for one great shot instead of repeated good shots.

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