Turtle Time and Pitbull Tactics

May 2012 Newsletter

Never Give Up! No Matter What

At any level or age, we all struggle with this! Everyone has a different threshold to when they start giving up. This can be very subtle and not even noticeable during a match or it can be very obvious. Some players start giving up when they are physically and mentally tired while others give up when they realize they cannot beat their opponent. There are many other reasons but recognizing what makes you give up in a match is crucial for you to improve on those areas.

The one player I immediately think of that never gives up is Rafael Nadal. It doesn’t matter what situation he is in, he will always fight. He can be losing 0-6, 0-5, win a point  and still pump his fist! Now that is a fighter! On the other hand, you’ll see players like Marat Safin breaking a racquet every other match. Both players are extremely talented but only one of them has reached their potential.

When you find yourself giving up in a match, take your time (slow down! “Turtle Time”), recognize the situation and stay positive! You never know what can happen. The tides may turn in your favor!

Pitbull Tactic

Often times at the club level,  players don’t take full advantage when  their opponents are on the run. Once they’re running keep them running! It’s easier said than done but if you execute your shots properly you’ll be able to take your game to the next level. I call it the “Pitbull Tactic” because just like a pitbull – once they bite, they don’t let go!

“Work on hitting your shots early or “on the rise” so that you give your opponent less time to recover. Keep on moving them until you find a bigger opening for you to put your shot away! If you look at the best groundstrokers in Today’s Game, this is what they often do to Win a Point.

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