Modern Tennis=Topspin?

July 2012 Newsletter

Often times, younger students from different coaches come to take lessons from me with tennis forehands and backhands that generate so much topspin but lack power! The first shot they hit, I immediately recognize the technique. The racquet face starts pointing towards the ground and the swing is accelerated upwards at a tremendous speed. After a few shots, I start noticing that they hit frame shots and are VERY inconsistent! If you are one of these players, there is a solution!

Professional Players close their racquets but at the point of contact, the racquet face is square to the ball. Many young or club players who try to emulate the pros’ swing start with their racquet closed and at the point of contact, it’s still closed. The swing looks more like a “ping-pong” topspin shot.

Are coaches these days emphasizing too much on topspin and not enough on Fundamentals that can lead to proper hitting topspin shots?

CORRECT! Tennis topspin is generated by moving the racquet face from low to high with your racquet face perpendicular to the ground, NOT by closing the racquet!

Roger Federer: Under the Radar

Many people were discounting Federer to win Wimbledon this year, knowing the last two years of his Grand Slam track record. The last two years have been dominated by Djokovic and Nadal but Roger Federer has been right behind the two of them. Perhaps, people got so used to Federer winning Slams that reaching the Semifinals and Finals consistently was not good enough!

The main thing I want to mention is though he is older than the top players winning the Slams, he is by far the most consistent. Meaning, he rarely gets injured! He is always contending for the title. His effortless tennis strokes and footwork movements are attributes that every tennis player would die for! When I think of the “Lock and Roll” or “Monkey Drum” movement, I think of Federer.

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