US Open 2012!

August 2012 Newsletter

Who will win? This is a much anticipated US Open 2012 since Roger Federer won Wimbledon this past month. Djokovic and Nadal who has been dominating Men’s Tennis for the past couple of years have fallen short at Wimbledon. With Djokovic losing to Federer in the Semis’ and Nadal no where near the title, many tennis enthusiasts ¬†are wondering, is Federer back to stay at the top?! Or is this temporary? Tough call.

Roger Federer is King on Grass. Hard-Courts, on the other hand, is a different story. More stress on the body with unpredictable weather, like New York spectators, can be a great challenge!

How do I know this about New York? I lived there for 18 years, as well as, trained at the US OPEN for years. I have even coached there for a year!
I will be very impressed if Federer wins the US OPEN. Here are my picks for the title: Djokovic (Most Likely), Tsonga (Huge Threat), Federer (If he can Endure), Murray (If he gets his Emotions Together), Nadal (Unlikely, Too Much Spin for Harcourts), and Juan Martin Del Patro (If he is Injury Free).

US Open, Here I Come!

I Will Be attending the Qualifying Rounds From August 21-24 to shoot some Footage of Top Pros as well as up and coming Players. Gates Open at 9am and entrance is FREE! Do you want to get up close to your favorite players practicing? There is no better place! Not many people go to the Qualifying Rounds. I can’t stand huge crowds, so if you are like me, go check it out!

I will also be there to give out Free “Lock and Roll Tennis” T-shirts, so make sure to look for me!

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