How to Effectively Hit a Kick Serve

May 2013 Newsletter

There’s a lot of information out there regarding hitting an effective kick/topspin serve, such as brushing the ball from low to high (brushing from 7 to 1 o’clock), pushing off from your legs, keeping your chin up, forearm pronation and etc… All these things are helpful and necessary but there is a key ingredient that is not mentioned as often…

Brush and cover! Cover the ball, extending your arm forward after the upward brushing. The upward brushing gives you the topspin but the forward covering of the ball gives you the power. In order to hit a heavy kick serve you need a combination of both brush and cover.

2 Responses to “How to Effectively Hit a Kick Serve”

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  2. Thanks for these tip.

    I’ve been slowly learning a kick serve for the past few months. It’s slowly coming but by far the hardest part is getting the right swing path.

    Also, at the moment, I can get some topspin on my second serves, so the ball dips down into the court, but not enough kick when the ball moves sideways.

    Any tips on how to do this?

    Keep up the good work!


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