Step it Up, Rafa!

September 2013 Newsletter

Watching Rafael Nadal play tennis in the US OPEN 2013 is nothing short of spectacular. I had to ask myself, “Was he even seriously injured this past year?” The way he is moving on the court is incredible. His footwork and ability to get to almost any shot his opponent gives him must be terrifying to anyone playing against him. On top of that, his constant posture of positive attitude lets his opponents know that he’ll never give up and will fight to the end!

As a natural clay court player who grinds out each point from several feet behind the baseline, Nadal has definitely “stepped up his game.” With any shot from his opponent that lands short on the court, Nadal is ready to step in and finish off the point or place the opponent on the defensive. His shots are very calculated. If he is behind the baseline, he rarely tries to go for an attacking/driving shot. He loops the ball high and deep with tremendous topspin waiting for an opportunity to move forward. He patiently waits. Once he receives a relatively easy shot where he can step into the court, that is when he goes for the “kill,” like a lion patiently waiting to attack it’s prey.

Often times, even professional players go for too much. The best players in the game know when they should attack or play it safer.  This lesson can apply to all of us. Understanding your game and knowing what you are capable of doing in certain situations will take you far in match play. Instead of hitting each shot because you “felt like it,” wait for your opportunity and then go for a riskier shot.

Member Spotlight: Nitesh Mehta

“It’s been an interesting year of tennis for me. Last year, I could barely hit a ball (probably a rough 3.0) but with your videos, I am now hitting against 4.5 players. Because of your videos, my forehand is probably my go-to shot and I’m getting more confident in my volleys too. My backhand is still one of my weaknesses, but I’m starting to figure it out. 

Thanks again for all your help so far. Your instructions are probably the best I’ve seen on the web!”

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