Quickstart Tennis: Luke’s First Day of Tennis

December 2, 2013

We went to the courts to see if Luke was ready to play tennis. We set up the mini net and played with sponge tennis balls used in the “Quickstart” tennis program. Click the link below for more info and video.

The Quickstart equipment is great for toddlers who are being introduced to the game. The net is lower and the balls are softer. Using the full tennis court can be overwhelming for toddlers. Once I set up the bright yellow net, Luke immediately got excited by saying, “wow.” I also like the sponge balls because they weigh almost nothing and they don’t hurt if they get hit. Getting hit by a tennis ball in the early stage can be very traumatizing.

The first thing Luke started to do was to try to push the ball with the racquet while dragging it on the ground (watch the video). I realized the racquet was too heavy for him to swing after a few attempts at the forehand. I held his hand to help him hit the ball and he quickly lost interest in both the forehand and volley. My wife Amy and I hit a few balls around to try to model it for him, which did get him more excited.

All in all, it was a fun first day on the courts. We had some good laughs and exercise.

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