Let it Go, Let it Go!

June 2014 Newsletter

This article is not about the hit Disney movie “Frozen.” I’ve been using this phrase on the tennis court way before the movie debuted. When a student hits a shot such as a forehand groundstroke, they often try to muscle it by hitting with their arm. That’s when I say, “Let It Go!” I’m asking my students not to be forceful with their arm but to use the momentum of the racquet to naturally hit through the tennis ball. When hitting any object, the human instinct tends to force. However, the contrary needs to happen for effortless power. Forcing or muscling with your arm or legs creates fatigue and diminishes speed. This is not sustainable throughout the course of a match. Whenever you relax, you can fully release your movement and achieve maximum speed without fatigue.


When watching top professional players like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Thomas Berdych and others… you can see their effortless hitting. Instead of “hitting” and forcing through the ball, letting the racquet go requires much less effort! How is it that even at the highest level, there are players (like the ones mentioned above) who can go up to seven rounds of 3 out 5 sets in a major tournament and still be okay. While others play one or two phenomenal matches, ousting a top seeded player only to get beaten by a non-seeded player in the following round. For example, in Wimbledon 2012, Lukas Rosol beat Rafael Nadal in a tight second round match but then lost in the next round to Phillip Kohlschreiber in straight sets. Most people would have asked, “What happened?” I asked the question, “Was Rosol’s game sustainable/Effortless?” Many players can play one amazing match but have no physical strength for the next. But the top players can play effortlessly day in and day out. Ask yourselves these questions, “How relaxed and effortless are my tennis strokes?” Also, “Is my game sustainable throughout the match or am I getting exhausted?”


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2 Responses to “Let it Go, Let it Go!”

  1. great article. I think that factor of effortless hitting is key. Look at Nadal. the most grueling tournament the French open and it takes all the emotion,physical , mental and emotional and he has been the last standing
    9 out of 10 tournaments . WOW! talk about sustaining your physicality throughout a tournament !
    How does one become effortless? It has to be a combination of technique and physical stamina.


  2. 感受学习的力量!


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