3 “Steps” to Remember Before the Lock and Roll Movement

February 2013 Newsletter

With the exception of the serve, every shot starts with the split-step, adjusting step and push-off step. Any player who is serious about their game and wants to compete, these “steps” are a must. Read more »

Tennis Footwork Fundamentals

October 2012 Newsletter

What is the difference between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s tennis footwork? Both players are extremely fast and agile with powerful movements. But why is Federer injury-free as opposed to Nadal, who is always playing in pain? This does not apply only to Nadal, but almost all tennis players at any level who are serious about their game. Of course there are different variables such as genetics and physical attributes, but one key difference that I recognize between their movements is gracefulness. Read more »

Develop a Tennis Serve Rhythm

September 2012 Newsletter

I CAN NOT stress enough the importance of “Developing a Service Rhythm.” For the first several years of playing tennis before I met my coach, I would walk up to the baseline and serve immediately without taking my time or going through a specific motion in order for me to serve at my best. When I missed the first serve, the second serve would be even more rushed. I was serving as if I wanted to “just” get it in play. I watch club players and juniors do this ALL the time. Read more »

US Open 2012!

August 2012 Newsletter

Who will win? This is a much anticipated US Open 2012 since Roger Federer won Wimbledon this past month. Djokovic and Nadal who has been dominating Men’s Tennis for the past couple of years have fallen short at Wimbledon. With Djokovic losing to Federer in the Semis’ and Nadal no where near the title, many tennis enthusiasts  are wondering, is Federer back to stay at the top?! Or is this temporary? Tough call. Read more »

Modern Tennis=Topspin?

July 2012 Newsletter

Often times, younger students from different coaches come to take lessons from me with tennis forehands and backhands that generate so much topspin but lack power! The first shot they hit, I immediately recognize the technique. The racquet face starts pointing towards the ground and the swing is accelerated upwards at a tremendous speed. After a few shots, I start noticing that they hit frame shots and are VERY inconsistent! If you are one of these players, there is a solution! Read more »