Be the “House”: Don’t Play Risky Tennis

June 2012 Newsletter

Brad Gilbert, a former top 10 tennis player in the world, coached Agassi during the time that he fell out of the top 100 in the world. Gilbert used the phrase, “Be the House” towards Agassi in the book Open by Andre Agassi. Since Agassi grew up in Las Vegas, which is known for its casinos, Gilbert told him to be the Casino (“House”) instead of the risky gambler. All this meant was to stop playing risky tennis that can destroy an opponent in one round and then lose the next just as quickly. Agassi was known for his flashy, powerful strokes which were amazing when he played well, but erratic when he didn’t. Read more »

Turtle Time and Pitbull Tactics

May 2012 Newsletter

Never Give Up! No Matter What

At any level or age, we all struggle with this! Everyone has a different threshold to when they start giving up. This can be very subtle and not even noticeable during a match or it can be very obvious. Some players start giving up when they are physically and mentally tired while others give up when they realize they cannot beat their opponent. There are many other reasons but recognizing what makes you give up in a match is crucial for you to improve on those areas. Read more »

Tennis Forehand Weapon and Weak Shots

April 2012 Newsletter

Develop a Weapon

My Coach David always emphasized the need for a HUGE Tennis Forehand. This is evident when you watch the Pros play. It is not enough that you just develop a solid all-around game. Of course you need to have a solid game but these days, without a weapon, you cannot compete at a higher level. Whether you are at the Junior, College, Open or Pro level, a big weapon is a must! Read more »

What is Modern Tennis, Really?

March 2012 Newsletter

The term Modern Tennis has been tossed around for decades with many different explanations. Coaches and Experts in the field of tennis explain it in so many different ways that many average tennis enthusiasts get very confused and overwhelmed. Coaches would say that Modern Tennis began when players hit with “more power, topspin, open stance, efficient technique, different tennis footwork and more.” Read more »

Tennis Lob: One of the Most Underrated Shots

February 2012 Newsletter

The tennis Block/Slice or tennis topspin lob can immediately put you in the offensive position and have your opponent frantically running after the ball! Most of you have probably played a player that lobs extremely well. How frustrating is that?! You hit this great shot, approach the net and then… the ball goes over your head and you’re running after it trying to hit a backward shot over your head or doing a 180 degree turn so that you can set up for a groundstroke. No one likes to have to do that. So why not improve on your tennis lob so that you can do the same thing to your opponent? It’s Pay Back Time! Read more »