Step it Up, Rafa!

September 2013 Newsletter

Watching Rafael Nadal play tennis in the US OPEN 2013 is nothing short of spectacular. I had to ask myself, “Was he even seriously injured this past year?” The way he is moving on the court is incredible. His footwork and ability to get to almost any shot his opponent gives him must be terrifying to anyone playing against him. On top of that, his constant posture of positive attitude lets his opponents know that he’ll never give up and will fight to the end! Read more »

How to Effectively Hit a Kick Serve

May 2013 Newsletter

There’s a lot of information out there regarding hitting an effective kick/topspin serve, such as brushing the ball from low to high (brushing from 7 to 1 o’clock), pushing off from your legs, keeping your chin up, forearm pronation and etc… All these things are helpful and necessary but there is a key ingredient that is not mentioned as often… Read more »

Modern Tennis=Topspin?

July 2012 Newsletter

Often times, younger students from different coaches come to take lessons from me with tennis forehands and backhands that generate so much topspin but lack power! The first shot they hit, I immediately recognize the technique. The racquet face starts pointing towards the ground and the swing is accelerated upwards at a tremendous speed. After a few shots, I start noticing that they hit frame shots and are VERY inconsistent! If you are one of these players, there is a solution! Read more »