Step it Up, Rafa!

September 2013 Newsletter

Watching Rafael Nadal play tennis in the US OPEN 2013 is nothing short of spectacular. I had to ask myself, “Was he even seriously injured this past year?” The way he is moving on the court is incredible. His footwork and ability to get to almost any shot his opponent gives him must be terrifying to anyone playing against him. On top of that, his constant posture of positive attitude lets his opponents know that he’ll never give up and will fight to the end! Read more »

US Open 2012!

August 2012 Newsletter

Who will win? This is a much anticipated US Open 2012 since Roger Federer won Wimbledon this past month. Djokovic and Nadal who has been dominating Men’s Tennis for the past couple of years have fallen short at Wimbledon. With Djokovic losing to Federer in the Semis’ and Nadal no where near the title, many tennis enthusiasts  are wondering, is Federer back to stay at the top?! Or is this temporary? Tough call. Read more »