Flat Serve

The Flat Serve is usually used for the first serve.

Flat Serve Guide: Front View

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  1. Stance is perpendicular to the ground; Weight is forward on the front foot; Looking over the right shoulder; Non-hitting hand holds the ball and racquet to help relax the hitting arm; Front foot points towards the net post.
  2. Weight transfers backward onto the back foot while lifting the ball of the front foot.
  3. Both arms starts to lower and separate.

4-5. Left arm is straight throughout the toss; Racquet starts to move back.

6. Left and Right arm move upwards; weight on that back foot shifts forward.

7. Release the ball while the racquet moves further up; Heel of back foot is off the ground.

8-9. This is a preference of the player, whether or not to move the back foot forward next to the front foot; Racquet and arm turns into “L” shape.

10. Knees are bent; Pelvic joint is in the “Lock” position to coil the body; A straight line can be drawn from the hitting elbow to the tip of the tossing hand.

11. Racquet starts to drop as the shoulder starts to rotate towards the ball; Ball toss is out in front, forcing the body to lean inside the court; A straight line can be drawn from the hitting elbow to the tip of the tossing hand.

12. Push both feet off the ground to help accelerate racquet; Shoulder rotates even more while the racquet face is down. Before contact, the wrist “pronates” to create a snap at the contact point.

13. The back leg starts to bend as the racquet follows through; Notice the difference in racquet face direction from picture 12 and 13. In picture 12, the hitting side of the racquet is facing the players back. After the contact in picture 13, the hitting side of the racquet is facing the opposite side.

14. Follow through with the racquet across the body; Land on the ground with front foot; Back leg is bent to counter the arm movement.

Flat Serve Guide: Back View

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