Kick (Topspin) Serve

The Kick Serve is usually utilized for the second serve.

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Kick (Topspin) Serve Guide

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Notice the Toss:

4. In the Flat Serve, the toss is straight above and to the right of the head. In the Kick Serve, frame 4, the player’s back is arched more, while the toss is slightly to the left of the head.

This toss allows for the 7 o’clock to the 1 o’clock upward brushing motion in the topspin serve.

6. Notice how the racquet face finishes: the racquet face points towards the back fence after the serve is hit.


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5 Responses to “Kick (Topspin) Serve”

  1. Very good video.


  2. I’ve been getting better at my topspin serve in that it definitely has ‘topspin’ . My question is: how high in feet, over the net should the ball pass in a topspin serve? 4ft? 6 ft? Right now my ball lands in the middle of the service court and has a high bounce, but I would like to get it to pass a little lower over the net and bounce closer to the service line. I’m working on getting the speed on this serve also.


  3. The kick serve probably has more component focal points than slice or flat. A very important one as demonstrated in this excellent rendition is to notice the deep hitting shoulder drop when the player reaches the trophy position. This pose added to the pronounced knee bend sets the server up for the upward swing inducing topspin. The closed stance encourages complete pronation of the wrist at the top of the swing.


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  5. Love the image sequence of the kick serve. would it be possible to use this sequence in my book on tennis with full recognition and your website address linked to the picture? My book is called High School Tennis Mastery and is to help high school coaches build and grow their tennis programs, as well as how to train players to reach highly skilled levels. My other two books, you might be familiar with, TENNIS MASTERY and COACHING MASTERY as well as my 300 articles on and now Thank you for the consideration. It is a great sequence for this section of my book. Thank you!
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